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AfrikVision360 Networks

Creative People. Passionate. Forward Thinking.

StudioAfrica1   Media Group has brought together a team of media professionals who bring a variety of experiences, and has created strategic relationships with media groups across the globe. 


The company has been operating since 1978. It started as a Production company in Los Angeles, and in 1984 began Licensing/Distributing Film and Video products of independent producers, US and Foreign Broadcasters, and Video Distributors from offices in Paris, London & Amsterdam.

In 1987, based from Paris and the Ivory Coast, the company began providing African Broadcasters with targeted programming for their audiences, which led to the creating of InterCom Afrique Television (icA-TV), which develops and distributes programming specifically for African audiences.  

In 1998, from a Johannesburg and Paris base the company began syndicating its programming to a number of Anglophone & Francophone Countries in West, East, Central and Southern Africa.

In 2016 the Company released its Beta-Version of AfrikVision360 Designed to program to a Sophisticated African Audience.


In 2021 with the World in a Pandemic, the company built Two New Networks: &

In addition, the Company re-Built its 2016 version of, and will Re-Launch to the Public in Q3 2024, as an OTT Platform.

                           Our Team

StudioAfrica1  Media Group

                   Has a wealth of experience & resources

      Here are the people that make work!


LLynn Taylor

Kubeshnie Narainsami
Sr. Editor
Sahndra Fon Dufe
Contributing Producer
Loubna Fares
Contributing Producer

LLYNN TAYLOR - CEO/Executive Producer 


Brings over 35 years media experience, which includes radio news and advertising, television production and distribution. In 1974 he was appointed Managing Director for Motown Records in Africa, developing markets in over 10 African countries.


After working for the famous Jackson musical Family in the development of its two Television series in 1976, he began working for major American Network programmes. Since 1983 he has developed television production and distribution companies, Atlantis FilmWorks (USA), Euro American Pictures (Holland), World African Network (USA), InterCom Afrique Television (France), Parkville Animation Productions (Wales), Home Music TV (London & Los Angeles), and has developed a television network, AfrikVision360 Networks (South Africa, France) will launch in Spring of 2024 in over 35 countries…

In Africa, Europe, North America, and the Caribbean.



LIONEL STELOI - General Manager - Operations

A graduate of McGill University in Montreal and HEC (School of Business) in France, he has worked with a Number of Organizations over the last 20 years. He has worked as Consultant with the United States State Department in Paris & Brussels


Lionel has developed and aided in the Financing of the company in its London, Paris and South African based operations since 2007. As the company is about to re open its Paris Office, as well as one in Belgium, he will begin a more active role in the company’s development, in European markets

Prince Mukendi -Director Production


Mr. Prince Mukendi, a seasoned broadcaster with +20 years of experience in TV and Radio productions. He obtained a diploma in Business Studies in 1995 at IBS in South Africa; In 2000 He joined Solsan Communications Pty Ltd, a subsidiary of Solsan Houston, a Broadcasting and Telecommunications entity based in Texas USA in the position of Operations Manager.

In 2005, He joined a team of pioneers who created Afrisat Television, the first Television News station in Africa to broadcast both in French and English. In the same year, the company became the NEPAD broadcast partner and launched the African Union (AU) in Syria, Libya.


In 2012, He joined Inventio, an events and Broadcast Production company in Johannesburg as a Managing Partner.




Graduated from Durban University of Technology with a degree in Drama, and since then has worked as a Stage Manager and Choreographer, before turning to her true skills of Writing. She was a scriptwriter Radio Drama for Lotus FM called – Tuck Shop in 2007, and in 2008, Cool Catz on e- TV in South Africa. In 2009 she began working with icAfricaGlobal Media in development of its myAfricaGlobal Networks. Currently, she supervises all writing concepts for AfrikVision360.

SAHNDRA FON DUFE - Contributing Producer


Is a Cameroon-born actress, author, screenwriter, film producer, and CEO of the Indie production house African Pictures International. She has appeared in several international movies including One Night in Vegas, and ' Black November'. Cameroonian singer Said Barah has referred to her as "Young Oprah" in one of his songs called Sahndra Fon Dufe, in admiration for her creative ingenuity and inspirational influence for young women all over Africa. She Produces the Show, Afrikan Girl Answers, which is on YouTube as well as AfrikVision360

LOUBNA FARES - Contributing Producer


Is a Moroccan born Paris based Actress/Producer. She has worked in French Cinema and Television and is responsible for the Development of the North African (Arabic & French) Production & Content for AfrikVision360

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